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Frequently Asked Questions

I have made my decision, how do I get started?
You will need a detailed pool plan including square footage, depth, raised bond beam, waterfall, spa etc.  You need to contact your city or county to start the permit process and contact USA at 1-800-227-2600 for underground placement of utilities to be sure they do not fall in the path of excavation or any other contracting work.  Once the permit has been issued, contact Dirtworks Excavating to schedule a “dig” date.
How long does the excavation take?
A standard 400 square foot pool with moderate soil and minimum access of 6 feet or more will typically take 1 day or 10 hours from start to finish.  Larger pools, rocky soil or limited access will require additional attention and therefore typically take 2 days or more.  Each pool and each backyard differ dramatically; often times there is no way to determine what kind of soil will be exposed.  You may have rock but your neighbor may have good clean soil, it all depends what we uncover on the day of excavation.
What is the minimum access width?
We require a minimum of 6 feet or 72” for our machines to enter the backyard.  Anything less will require additional fencing to come down and thus require cooperation with your neighbor.  If this is not an option, we may rent a piece of equipment to accommodate the access, but this will in turn require additional fees for rental.
Do you charge for removal of the spoils?
No, this is included in our bid price; however in certain situations sod removal, trash removal and extremely rocky material will only be available for dumping at the local waste facility.  If this were the case you would incur the fees of disposal.
Can you recremmend subcontractors in the swimming pool industry?
Yes, we can refer subcontractors upon request only.
What if it rains on our “dig” date?
If it is during the middle of winter where we have received a lot of wet days, we will push the date back to a date where we have 2-3 days of dry weather.  If it is in the spring and we have experienced little rain we may pre site the job the day before and make a determination about keeping the dig date.




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